Chen Li Art Collection

Explore a diverse art collection of Liling porcelain artwork by Chenli.

About the Maker: Born in 1968 into a family with a rich tradition of ceramics in Liling, Chen Li’s father, Chen Yanglong, is a National-level Inheritor of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Liling Underglaze Multicolored Porcelain Firing Technique. Chen Li has been dedicated to the art of Liling Underglaze Multicolored Porcelain for over 30 years. She has received numerous national awards, including the prestigious “Baihua Award” for Arts and Crafts. Six of his works are housed in the collection of the National Museum of China, with “Abundant Mountain Flowers” and “Jiahe Eternal Prosperity” being part of the museum’s permanent exhibition.

Chen Li specializes in the study of the “Thin Application and Light Dyeing” technique. This intricate and time-consuming technique has transformed the aesthetic of Liling porcelain from its original vibrant colors, reminiscent of the Tang Dynasty, into a refined and understated beauty, reminiscent of Song Dynasty ceramics.


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