Firewood Stoneware Tea Bowl, Tea Cups, Handmade


  • Material: Stoneware
  • Volume: Small: 120-280ml, Large: around 500ml
  • Firing Process: Mr. Ma’s wood-firing pieces require a controlled temperature for six days and seven nights. During the initial two days, a low temperature below 400°C is maintained to thoroughly smoke-dry the embryo. As ceramics shrink rapidly, the temperature must be regulated to prevent the embryo from cracking. Mr. Ma primarily fires his wood pieces at high temperatures, exceeding 1300°C, ensuring stoneware remains unglazed to preserve the original and rustic essence of the artwork. An essential principle Mr. Ma adheres to is a commitment to not cut down trees solely for kiln firing. The resulting colors of the kiln-fired pieces are hard to predict; they naturally form unique wood-fired works based on their placement in the kiln, varied firing times, and the oxidizing or reducing atmosphere.

Product Features:

Wood-fired teapots can enhance taste, providing effects similar to both soft and mineral-rich waters. Throughout the firing process, wood continually decomposes into ashes rich in potassium, sodium, calcium, and other elements. When these elements combine with mineral-based materials in the clay at high temperatures, they naturally form ash deposits on the body, resulting in a richly layered ash glaze. The integration of natural substances with tea sets allows wood-fired teaware to stimulate the quality and aroma of the tea through various chemical and physical reactions.

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