Shen bin Art Collection

Explore a diverse art collection of Liling porcelain artwork by Shenbin.

About the Maker: Shen Bin is a Craft Artist, a Member of the China Democratic League, the Fourth-Generation Heir of Chen Ceramics, a National-level Intangible Cultural Heritage project – ‘Liling Underglaze Multicolored Porcelain Firing Technique,’ a Zhuzhou City Representative Inheritor, and a primary researcher and direct inheritor of the core craft of Liling Underglaze Multicolored Porcelain – ‘thin and light dyeing.’

At the age of 23, she began creating Liling Underglaze Multicolored Porcelain under the guidance of her father, Chen Yanglong. She is a direct inheritor of the ‘Thin Application and Light Dyeing’ craft. She assisted Chen Yanglong in successfully developing 94 composite underglaze colors, breaking through the traditional color limitations. She has been actively involved in teaching and researching the core craft of ‘Filling with the Waters of Fen’ and has focused on innovative approaches to the ‘Thin Application and Light Dyeing’ technique, incorporating multiple colors.

She has pursued studies at the China Academy of Art, Tsinghua University’s Academy of Fine Arts, and Peking University. Four of her works are held in the collection of the National Museum of China, with pieces such as ‘Marvelous Scenes at Putang’ and ‘Wealth, Prosperity, Longevity, and Good Health’ displayed in the museum’s public exhibition area throughout the year.


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