Stoneware Teacup, Natural Unglazed, Dark Colour, Crackle Surface

Color: Natural earth tone, heavy color

Volume: 150ml-260ml

Shape: Tapered, bowl-shaped, Yunomi, Tall tea cups.

Stoneware Teacup key features :

Handcrafted stoneware cups with a natural surface color that develops based on the clay’s inherent hue and the cup’s placement within the kiln. There are two types of cracks—diagonal lines and intersecting diagonal and horizontal lines. The cracks around the rim and base are delicate, while those on the body of the cup are slightly coarser. The coarse texture results from the use of rustic copper-rich clay, giving the cup a rugged character. Over time, with use, the cup’s body will become smoother, akin to a cherished pet. This cup has the ability to absorb odors from the water, to some extent, purifying the water and enhancing its taste, making it sweeter to the palate.

Stoneware Teacup Shape:

Randomly handmade, we have a variety of shapes for your choice, please specify the shape you want.

Bowl-shaped: bowl-shaped cup without a handle. It’s typically used for brewing and sipping delicate teas like white tea and green tea.

Tall Tea Cups: a taller and narrower shape, which is suitable for teas like Darjeeling or certain black teas.

Tapered Tea Cup: These cups are wider at the top and narrower at the bottom, helping to concentrate the aroma of the tea. They are often used for aromatic teas like oolong and green tea.

About the Maker

Handmade by YinChun Huang from Tongguan 


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