Supplier Linkup

Cultivating Trust, Forging Links, Sustaining Business

We build links and foster trust between suppliers and factories, providing a bridge to connect with businesses dedicated to sustainable practices.

Why Us?

Cultural Adaptability in Business

Our DNA embodies a profound understanding and respect for diverse cultural business practices. A joint venture with two brilliant founders, Alice, who was born in China and worked in the UK, and Sebas, originally from Spain and now networking in China, embodies this rich cross-cultural experience.

Logistics Expertise

With Sebas hailing from a family deeply embedded in the logistics industry, our knowledge spans shipping, customs clearance, and logistics in both China and Europe.

Supplier Connections and Manufacturing Expertise

Our network spans diverse and reliable manufacturers, coupled with extensive experience in managing China's supply chain. We bypass suppliers from platforms like Alibaba, MadeinChina, or trading companies in places such as Yiwu and elsewhere, in favor of factories that align with our high-quality standards and refined taste.

Language Proficiency

Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Spanish—more than mere languages, they’re part of our founders’ native tongues.

Quality Control and Compliance

We boast a wealth of experience in quality control, audits, and a seamless handling of the necessary paperwork and documentation for international trade.

Compliance and Risk Management Insight

Alice, with a background as a Senior Economist, holds exceptional expertise in understanding legal and compliance issues in international trade.

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