3 Types of UK Warehouses

If you’re involved in international online sales and seeking a UK warehouse, aside from door-to-door delivery, which often results in long waiting times for customers, you’ll probably store your products in a warehouse. There are three commonly used types: Bonded Customs Warehouse, Fulfillment Warehouse, and Personal Storage.

In this article, Supplier Linkup will compare these four types of warehouses.

UK Warehouse

Bonded Custom Warehouse

A bonded warehouse in the UK is an ideal option for businesses requiring long-term storage of goods, such as inventory intended for Black Friday sales.

One of the key advantages of utilizing a bonded warehouse is the ability to defer customs duties and taxes until the goods are ready to be cleared for domestic consumption or re-export. This deferral can be particularly advantageous for businesses managing large volumes of imported goods, as it allows them to maintain cash flow and defer financial obligations until the goods are sold or shipped.

However, it’s important to note that while delayed customs clearance can provide financial flexibility, it may also lead to higher warehouse fees and longer processing times. These delays can impact the speed at which goods are delivered to customers, potentially affecting customer satisfaction and overall sales performance.

Fulfillment Warehouse

A fulfillment warehouse offers secure storage, inventory management, and facilitates order fulfillment as a distribution center. With a skilled workforce proficient in operating automated systems and handling order fulfillment processes, it ensures optimal operation. Choosing a fulfillment warehouse enables you to focus on marketing and sales while keeping your inventory running efficiently.

However, it’s important to note that costs may be high, and you’ll have reduced control and flexibility over your order fulfillment process. Since the center manages your inventory and shipping, last-minute changes or special requests for customers may not be feasible.

Privately Owned Warehouse

A privately owned warehouse is a facility rented for storing products that have completed customs clearance and are ready for next-day delivery, aiming to ensure the fastest possible delivery to react promptly to market demands. These warehouses can take various forms, including small shops utilizing their homes for temporary storage or shop sellers renting local warehouses for long-term storage.

The advantage of these warehouses lies in their flexibility in handling standard and next-day deliveries, making your online selling more competitive. However, the disadvantage is that you’ll need to ensure the chosen warehouse provides guaranteed security systems, fire prevention measures, and appropriate storage conditions for your goods. Additionally, it’s essential to verify whether the rented warehouse complies with UK regulations.

A Comparison of Three Types of UK Warehouses

AspectBonded Custom WarehouseFulfillment WarehousePrivately Owned Warehouse or Personal Storage
PurposeTemporary storage for imported goods without payment of duties and taxes until customs clearance or re-export.Storage, order fulfillment, and logistics management for businesses, especially e-commerce.Storage for personal belongings or privately owned inventory.
Customs Duties & TaxesDuties and taxes are deferred until goods leave the warehouse or are cleared for domestic consumption.No special customs privileges; regular duties and taxes apply upon import or export.No customs privileges; regular duties and taxes apply upon import or export.
RegulationsSubject to customs regulations and oversight. Requires customs bond and compliance with customs procedures.Generally subject to standard business regulations, including tax obligations and employment laws.Subject to local regulations and property laws.
Economic ImpactFacilitates international trade by deferring duties and taxes, promoting re-exports, and streamlining customs procedures.Supports e-commerce and retail businesses by providing storage, order processing, and logistics services.Provides storage solutions for personal or privately owned items, without direct impact on trade or commerce.

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