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We firmly believe that good products deserve sellers dedicated to maintaining its reputation among consumers. In the journey of buying and selling, it is not solely about the price but a combination of quality, service, and social responsibility that guarantees long-term success in business.

China Sourcing Expert

From A Cross-national Couple

SupplierLinkup is supported by Changsha SEBAS Supply Chain Management Co., Ltd., a professional sourcing agent offering comprehensive services ranging from market research, site visits, quality control, contract and delivery management, to after-sales support in China. Additionally, we are backed by Easy Marketing Ltd, a web technology-focused marketing agency, and Sebastian Services, a local logistics provider in England. Our operations span across China and Europe, allowing us to work seamlessly across both regions.

Sustainable Business Practice

The reason we prioritize sustainable products stems from the suggestion of Mark, a mentor and friend who has been supporting Alice throughout her entrepreneurial journey as a member of Nexus. When Alice shared the draft design with Mark for creating a platform connecting suppliers and sellers, he advised her to consider how Supplier Linkup could minimize its environmental impact. This could involve exclusively collaborating with suppliers who prioritize shipping instead of air transportation to reduce carbon emissions. Furthermore, Mark recommended that Supplier Linkup only engage with suppliers who demonstrate transparency in their employment practices, ensuring that workers are not exploited for low wages in the production of cheap products promoted on our website.

The advice was well received with the emergence of Temu. When comparing the price of a product sold at 5.8 pounds on Amazon, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to find it offered at a remarkable price of 0.85 pounds on Temu. As the market trend leans towards low-quality products competing primarily on price, end suppliers often have limited control over sustainability. In this context, physical shops are expected to provide quality products at reasonable prices, differentiating themselves from the competition posed by dropshippers and online marketplaces.

Global Vision

While we primarily focus on the Chinese and British markets, our mission is to bring together global brands, aligning with our initial vision of facilitating business operations and fostering sustainable connections.

About Alice

Alice has a remarkable 13 years of international sales and marketing experience, along with 6 years of digital marketing expertise. She has spent a total of 16 years operating within both the public and private sectors in China and the UK. Coming from a manufacturing company, she possesses a strong sense for process control and production management. Additionally, Alice has extensive experience in organizing international events, having successfully coordinated 38 events worldwide for her previous company.

Alice migrated to the UK to expand her own business in 2022 and is now the founder of Easy Marketing Ltd. She frequently travels between China and the UK, managing her business operations with dexterity.

About Sebas

Sebas has rich experience in DHL, Sense Berry for warehouse management, and Amazon and DPD for logistics management. He set up his logistics company, Sebastian Logistics, in 2022 in the UK.

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