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It’s the same as you flying first-class or economy class. On SL, our expert team bring suppliers, wholesalers, retailers, brand owners, logistics partners and service providers together that are in many ways challenging to connect. We will guide you through sourcing, brand management and warehouse control. We support brands and people with a clear roadmap through one-on-one manual service.
In contrast, most of the wholesale platform are multi-vendor marketplaces primarily without one on one services. Under each category, you will have to negotiate with thousands of suppliers. Therefore, If you feel uncomfortable like sailing in an ocean that you have to navigate with difficulties to find which one is the factory and which one is the agent with access to visual documents.

Uploading pictures to get contact and price from us. But we are open to business only. If you want to buy a product from Suppliers at a lower price for individual purposes, we recommend you compare prices from Amazon, eBay, Tuma and other e-commerce platforms.

SL estimates a supplier compare period anywhere between 3 to 15 days. We require a waiting time to acquire industry knowledge, find the factory source, and thoroughly compare multiple suppliers.

We will later arrange an online meeting with you and the supplier to conduct Q & A, and we will reach an agreement regarding Price and Payment Terms, Incoterms, Delivery Terms, Inspections and Acceptance and Dispute Resolution.

We may request an online meeting to discuss how to improve the results. If nothing is appealing on the market, you are under no duty to continue using SL’s services.

SL is a British-Chinese agency specialising in B2B solutions for souring Chinese products and marketing to the Chinese market. We are a combination of a digital marketing agency and a logistics service. The founder of Serbatian Services, a British logistics service, suggests sourcing Chinese products with a better B2B experience. He believes “Simplicity is the vessel for profoundness”; a website to upload the image for expert service will support more businesses to get a lower price, but the better quality product simplifies and enhances the lives of business people. His idea inspired Alice, the founder of a digital marketing agency, who had 13ys international business backgrounds and 6ys of digital marketing experience. She received requests from Leeds businesses to find Chinese suppliers frequently. At the same time, her contacts from China constantly asked for suppliers of equipment information outside China—the data localisation, language and culture barriers caused this market gap. So they decided to collaborate on this project and bring IT backbone, logistics and human resources to create a unique B2B platform.

Getting a sample is usually possible, but it may come at a cost for both the sample itself and its delivery. Please note that the sellers set these charges, which may differ depending on their policies.

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