Author name: Alice Sheng

I was born in the central part of China, Changsha, the provincial city of Hunan. This area is known for many famous products, such as porcelain. The ceramics produced here have been exported worldwide for over 3000 years, along with other handicrafts like Hunan Embroidery and Liuyang Fireworks. I have previously worked in Zhuzhou, a neighboring city of Changsha, which is an industrial hub closely connected to Changsha. I worked for CRRC to sell high-speed trains, locomotives, light rail vehicles, maglev trains, and more. Zhuzhou is renowned for its diverse manufacturing industries, and I had the opportunity to attend 37 international events, establishing contacts across various industries. In 2022, I set up my business in the UK, with our base in Leeds. During my time in the UK, I observed that many shops sourced their products from China, often acquiring them from Amazon sellers or purchasing from Manchester warehouses. In conversations with these businesses, I noticed that their primary concern revolved around product quality, with complaints about inconsistent quality levels.

Sourcing Pearls_ Balancing Innovation with Tried-and-true

Sourcing Pearls: Balancing Innovation with Tried-and-true

Sourcing Pearls: Balancing Innovation with Tried-and-true As a China business consultant, I had the privilege of partnering with Pearl Shine on an exciting sourcing adventure for freshwater pearls. Stepping out of my comfort zone in the manufacturing industry, I wholeheartedly embraced the captivating world of jewelry, fully aware of the challenges that lay ahead. From

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